Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I know....where have I been????

Lily January 24th.
Well there isn't an excuse so I will just say I'm back to my blog and I hope to  post more regularly. See above picture of what's been keeping me very busy the last month.
 I had card class last week after having to postpone it. We had so much fun....and that is what it is all about. Lily(my nearly 3 month old golden retriever puppy) was trying my patience but we survived just the same. How I love her. She is lots of work but she has brought so much fun and joy into my life. I am definately a dog lover and my day isn't complete until she has looked at me with those loving eyes and says, " I need to go potty outside again".
This is where Lily went while I was vacumning. Good thing it's a large basket I made during my basket weaving days!
This is one of the cards we made in class. I just love the greeting card kids. And for the 3-D project below, I had a swap from convention last July. So I just changed it into a Valentine theme.

Well this has taken me way too long. I'd be faster if I posted more often....So until next time.....Happy Stamping.................................Dianne