Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hello from Yellowstone National Park

What a wonderous sight to see. Yellowstone in the fall. The wildlife is abundant, the weather cool but not too cold and there are just a handful of guests in the park. We started out this morning about 8am and returned this afternoon around 4 pm. We had packed a picnic lunch but because of the scattered showers we parked facing a grassy meadow along side a river and had lunch in the van. How relaxing and beautiful.
We then headed for the mammoth springs area in the northern part of the park. The rain turned to rain and snow mixed and before we returned later in the afternoon it was all snow at the higher elevations.
This bull elk and several others have moved into town and are grazing and resting since the visitor numbers are very low right now. How exciting to see these awsome wild animals so close up and free to roam where ever they please without being afraid.

Tomorrow we head on to start another adventure driving through Idaho and Utah I think....Until my next post......keep stamping.......Dianne

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yellowstone bound

Yes, I said Yellowstone bound. Ater scrapbook weekend and casino Sunday and Monday and doctors appointments with my Dad and grandson, Alex Tuesday, a 2hour nap,got up packed and went to the cabin. After a short nights sleep, up and on the road toward the Mackinaw bridge. Wow was it windy. Headed west along US 2 toward Wisconsin. Stopped along Lake Michigan and took a picture. The winds were so strong,  I have sand in my jacket pockets and in my shoes and I was standing in the parking lot.
Some of the waves you could have surfed on. The pictures don't really show how strong the winds were. It actually was pushing me back toward the van and the sand was stinging my face as I was taking the pics.
We are now in Jamestown,ND staying for the evening. We will be heading toward Montana tomorrow along I-94.
So until the next post......stamp stamp stamp.  I didn't even have time to bring along
my Christmas cards to work on....I am missing it already.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What a windy Wednesday

Hi all....busy time for me lately. My Grandson had surgery, my Dad was in the hospital and had surgery and is home now and yesterday was card class. We had a great time at card class. It always makes things so much better after a relaxing evening stamping with friends. Here is one of the cards we made. I love this stamp set.
This is a picture of my daughter Theresa, my grand daughter Emma and myself on elegant night on the cruise.
Thanks for stopping by and until the next post....Happy stamping,

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm Home and Finally Back to the Blog

Hi all. I'm back from vacation and getting things caught up...Now I need another vacation.
The cruise was very nice. The weather was beautiful and most of all I got to spend many many hours with my daughter Theresa, son-in-law Aaron, grand daughter Emma and Aaron's mom and my friend LuAnn. We had some great adventures, including being late back to the ship in Cozemel. The ships horn had been blowing a few times before we all were safely aboard. Whew......what a workout getting back to the ship.

Tuesday was my Deck the Halls Christmas card class. We had a wonderful time and the cards all turned out beautiful.
My next class is Tuesday, October 19th. It's my regular 3rd Tuesday of the month card class. We will be making 4 cards/envelopes and a 3D project. Please RSVP by Monday if you want to attend. Class times are 1:30 and  6:30pm. Please bring your own scissors and adhesive.
Hope to hear from you and till the next post....happy stamping,