Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hello from Yellowstone National Park

What a wonderous sight to see. Yellowstone in the fall. The wildlife is abundant, the weather cool but not too cold and there are just a handful of guests in the park. We started out this morning about 8am and returned this afternoon around 4 pm. We had packed a picnic lunch but because of the scattered showers we parked facing a grassy meadow along side a river and had lunch in the van. How relaxing and beautiful.
We then headed for the mammoth springs area in the northern part of the park. The rain turned to rain and snow mixed and before we returned later in the afternoon it was all snow at the higher elevations.
This bull elk and several others have moved into town and are grazing and resting since the visitor numbers are very low right now. How exciting to see these awsome wild animals so close up and free to roam where ever they please without being afraid.

Tomorrow we head on to start another adventure driving through Idaho and Utah I think....Until my next post......keep stamping.......Dianne

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